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Academy Awards Tonight!

Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
What is yo name?
Yo gangsta name beMad Nazty Nizzle
You ride around in aHuffy Sun Catcher (Ride that bicycle, fool)
Yo gangGary Coleman's Alleycat Thugs
Yo shoes beBaby-blue Timberlands
Yo dubs be dis big, fool2,535
How much money you got?$1.60372618973456e+26
How gangsta are you, bitch?: 63%
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This quiz cracked me up... just cuz I'm not really a bad-ass, but oh well. Hmm.. didn't get to work yesterday, and I was actually looking forward to it for ONCE! I wonder why my life hasn't hit the drama like many of my friends. Is everyone supposed to have it? I suppose when I do get it, it'll hit me hard. But until then, why worry, right?

Spunky, hope you had fun at your crawfish boil!
I am so ready for summer. Or at least some warm weather! Flip flops, tank tops, and golden tans... mmm... well that's all for now. Gotta call Kristina and see what she, John, and Jessie are up to.
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