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SpRiNG BReaK soFaR...

So lemme see... sofar for Spring Break... Saturday, I worked. Sunday I went to the mall to look for a prom dress. DAMN dresses are hard to find for me... cuz of the "support" issue.

Every time I go shopping my mom gets distracted by stuff. Then she complains we've been at the mall too long. So I proceed and say "Mom, can we please look for dresses now?" And her CLASSIC response is: "Sirena, it's not ALWAYS about you!" Ok. My prom dress shopping isn't about me. Gotta remember that. *drills in brain*
It was funny though. :)

Yesterday Jarred and I were free to wander the city. But what does one do with this freedom in the Bay? Why, one goes to Wal Mart of course.... how sad... lol...
Tara, I know you don't like Wal Mart cuz they can be bitches to you, but OH MY GOD. Jarred got me HOOKED on their Honey BBQ Chicken at the Deli.... Mmmmmmm So we got that. Looked for cookies, but decided to get some from Subway. Got COOKIES! YAY-UH!

KINDRA: I'm guessing that was your fiance at the register thing with you, eh?

Jarred ran out of gas last night.. while we were on 603. His dad came and picked us up after we had tons o' "What if" conversations. You know, those "if you HAD to choose" things that are really hard to answer.

Today I gotta clean up some and go shower. Paulina and Elise are gonna chill with me cuz I haven't seen her in forever!!!! WOOT!

Peace out, kids!
p.s. I went to the tag place on Monday... my new license is now "2 JAZZY"... you'll probably see me around.
~Kinky Spazzy Jazzy Non Heavy Beans
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