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I FINALLY got a printer for this laptop, AND it has a scanner!!! My very first scanner!! Now I can show all you wonderful people my "art."
Frickin sweet, man.

I am planning on going to PRCC for a year (unless by some miracle I got a full ride to SCAD) or two and then transferring. I was considering Ringling (NO NOT THE CIRCUS) School of Art and Design, but I think I'm really gonna shoot for Savannah College of Art and Design. I called them and they already have a team of counselors ready to guide me through college once I have applied to SCAD. Even if I don't go for a year, or even two, they will stick with me and let me know what I can do as far as scholarships, interviews, etc.

I feel so important! Haha, my own little entourage of college helpers.

Oh, and lastly.
I made homecoming court.... ME. Sirena. I wasn't even gonna GO to homecoming haha, or if I did I was gonna go in jeans or black pants with this bright yellow sarong and bring my own crown to wear, hang out for an hour, and leave.

Hmm. Didn't even know I was on the ballot. Crazy.
Thanks, guys! Didn't know you all liked me that much! Lol.

I'll take pics and SCAN them so you guys can see me as a "maid." LMAO. I know I'm not Homecoming Queen (Miss I-go-in-pageants-all-the-time is) But I don't care. I think everyone was surprised to see me on the ballot (cuz a teacher nominates you. Didn't think any of my teachers liked me that much.) and they know I'm not a beauty queen snob.

So we have our 3 girls.
Tasia- Cheerleader (*QUEEN*)
Tabitha- Stepper (Newbie)
and me,
Sirena- Colorguard. (Newbie... REPRESENT!!)

At least there's variety.
All for now,
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