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"I smell a smelly smell... the kind of smell that smells... smelly"

Well I ate a ton o' food again today. Haha ^_^ Oh well. Today was okay. Rain rain rain...
Family Dynamics I was so ready for a nap. Didn't take one. Probably will tomorrow. Then in Marketing we took these two personality quizzes online. Mine was SO accurate!
One was a color quiz where you have 2 rows of colors. As you click on them, they disappear. You just go without focusing or thinking about the colors and click the ones that catch your attention until they are all gone.It's CRAZY.
To see that quiz go to:
Another one with a more detailed description of your personality can be found at
Doesn't take much time if you wanna take a look. :)
History: OH MY GOSH. Mr.Molpus was talking about republicans and democrats. He said a jackass can make ALMOST the most annoying sound in the world. Then he said "Wait... you all don't know the most annoying sound in the world?" And with that, he let out a REALLY loud God-awful sound that woke people who were asleep up and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK!?" *Paulina, it sounded like Jarred.*
Jarred thinks Jim and Heather are trying to rile me and Jarred up again. Oh well. Not really worried about those two. Except maybe wonder how their relationship keeps going.
Yearbook we watched Aladdin while Jarred signed the papers for the Trail Blazer. Emery and I took quizzes online and looked at Bambi icons! Yay!!!
Fixing to force myself for some exercise. Later, kiddos!
Sirena AKA Jazz
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