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Elise and Paul and Meg will be home soon!

Well Paulina is upset because she didn't go to Kilo's party. Apparently she or someone else told Jessie that she was riding with me and Jarred. I don't know why... Jarred was working.
No one told ME or J-RAD that she was supposedly "riding with us." Oh well. We ended up being over an hour late anyway. I didn't even know if we'd make it at all. Besides, I didn't swim and I ended up talking to Deron, Bob, Courtenay, and a couple other people the whole time.

So oh well. If people expect me to do something and get mad when it doesn't happen, make sure I'm aware of what I'm supposed to do before you cop an attitude.

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whew. breathe. it will be okay. see you at graduation sweetie face.
oh i'm not mad or upset. i'm just over it. it doesn't matter. can't wait to see you, meggie!